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Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch Court




I. Preface

Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch Court is an appeal court sitting as an intermediate court between the district courts and the Supreme Court. Based on the Law of Court Organization and the Specific Provisions of the Taiwan High Court, the Court handles civil and criminal cases and other litigations. In administrative aspect, the Court is supervised directly by the Presidents of the Judicial Yuan and the Taiwan High Court; in adjudicative aspect, the Court is the superior appeal court to its subordinate courts: the Hualien District Court and the Taitung District Court.


Both Hualien and Taitung counties have vast land and honest custom but few people. Along with active development by government , the population is increasing and so are the numbers of lawsuits. In the past, people lived in Hualien and Taitung must go respectively to Taipei and Tainan for appeals. Owing to transportation inconvenience and expensive costs, the locals urged the government to establish the branch court of the Taiwan High Court in East. The proposal was supported by the councilors , the local administrative president, and the government as well. Based on the people's will and convenience, in 1965, it was granted to set up the Hualien temporary branch of the Taiwan High Court and prepare to establish the Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch Court simultaneously. On July 15, 1972, the Branch Court was officially established and exercised jurisdiction over all appeals and interlocutory appeals of civil and criminal suits from the district courts of Hualien and Taitung as well as the first instance cases belonging to the High Court's jurisdiction. On January 22, 1999, by the order of Judicial Yuan, the Taitung Temporary Court was established to handle all appeals and interlocutory appeals of civil and criminal cases from judgements of the Taitung district court in order to ease off the locals' works and expenses from Taitung to Hualien.

  • Release Date:2021-04-30
  • Update:2021-04-30